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Running remote Powershell scripts for SharePoint

I’ve been playing around with Powershell the last week and thought I’d post some of my trickier findings: Remoting with powershell With remoting you can script installations or configurations that should be done on multiple farms/servers without having to login to each farm and run the script with it’s variables. Now you can just build […]


SharePoint 2010 web applications with host header eventID 4625 – 0xc000006d

I made a new web application today on my SharePoint 2010 development machine through Central Administration and entered a Fully qualified domain name FQDN as url like http://company.intranet and added the mapping in my host file. When trying to connect to my new web application / root site collection I got a pop-up windows asking […]


PublishingpageImage: Using field value controls and edit mode panels to tweak your page rendering

When using a publishingpageImage in your pagelayout it displays a border of 1px at the side of your image. This is especially annoying when you want to display a second image next to it, and you can’t get it aligned perfectly. Before you drive yourself nuts for hours like I did to find out where […]